Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did you really come back for more?

Wow! I'm not even angry! I'm impressed! For those of you that are unaware, that is a line from Ron Burgundy as played by Will Ferrell. Ahhhmazing.

Anyway. Continuing this little wordy shindig, I believe I will start with Natalee's urinary progress. If you can call it that. Still naked, and she held it. All day. I put her in a pull-up to eat, because I was afraid she'd need to go while eating and end up in a puddle. Well she went in the damn pull-up of course and that's the ONLY time she went.....until 5 freaking 25. At least she went though. She's eating an ice cream pop on her potty right now.

Juliette. Well, she's Juliette. Drooly, happy, hungry, a baby. But she did say "mama" last night. Jonathan calls crap on that one because no one else heard it. Of course not. The xbox was on! Whatever. If she said it once, she will say it again, and again and again. Natalee is testament to that.

So Jonathan went to Sowella today to schedule his classes for the Spring semester. I am a terrible wife, because I am bitter about it. I have wanted to finish school since I quit! Instead, he gets to. Kinda feels like he's doing my dream. Except not, because he's studying to be a game warden. Lammmme. Whatever. I'll get to do my thing one day. When the kids go to school probably. But maybe not, because I cannot see missing one school play or sporting event. Yep, I'm going to be that mom. Not the one that's sitting in the front yelling, "do better! elbow her! stomp feet! that's the wrong line, you imbecile!" But the one that is sitting in the front after having arrived possibly 5 minutes early to make sure no one needed any extra help, and clapping no matter what! And even if I happen to pick up a smoking or drug habit, I won't take not one smoking or drug-doing break! Okay, just kidding about the drugs. I wouldn't just "pick" one of those up. Nor would I do them at school.

Otherwise, today has been a pretty lame day. The potty training war of 2011 and sitting around sulking around about being an uneducated statistic. I guess that's all for today. Try and stay with me. It's bound to get interesting eventually!


  1. i love you delaina... you are so awesome :) and im glad to hear you dont plan to be doing drugs at school lol

  2. i love you too falon. i miss you so damn much! i would never do drugs at school! i will be in the group of square moms. who dont judge, but dont do. lol :)

  3. You are a smelly pirate hooker.


    You'll get to go back one day - especially seeing as how you have the drive to do so. I thought that I would never go back. You should look into benefits for military spouses and what not. They have tons of stuff for college and military spouses. :)