Monday, January 17, 2011

Leaky faucets and flash cards

     Yup, you read right. I have a cold. So does Juliette. Although, she is doing great with the cloth diapering, and I absolutely love it. Juliette seems to take the cold better than I do though, she's still playing and smiling, and she thinks sneezing is quite hilarious. I, however, am not a big fan of this cold business.
     Anyway, moving right along, Natalee shocked the hell out of me the other day. She pulls a flash card out of a drawer, showed me and said "D." It definitely had a D on it. She did the same thing with an X and an S!! What the F!? Blew my mind, and brought tears to my eyes. Yea, so I got emotional, sue me. I'll have my people call your people. I was like hell yes, so I'm going to work on the other 23 letters with her, and see if she rocks at the other 23 like she did at the first 3. How did I not know she knew her letters? Did Nick Jr teach her that!? Anyway, after letters, its just a little push to words, then sentences and books. She could be reading by 3 years old! Then it occurred to me, this kid better be in panties by the time she's reading! haha. Whatever, it happens.
     So those are the highlights of lately. Not much, I know. Which is why I haven't written lately. Going through a dry spell I suppose, I'm sure some more funny stuff will happen at my expense soon. Until then, be well!

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